segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2014

67. Hollywood Paparazzi

Wherever there are1 famous people, there are “paparazzi.” That is the Italian name for photographers2 who chase3 famous people in an effort4 to take their picture5. Their photographs and video recordings6 can be worth a lot of money7.

Paparazzi sometimes8 wait outside9 the homes of actors, sports stars and other famous people. The photographers may follow10 them as they go eat, go for a walk11 and even12 fight among themselves13. These pictures are often found14 later in newspapers and magazines15.

Giles Harrison owns16 the London Entertainment Group, a business17 based in Los Angeles. He sells pictures of famous people to all kinds of18 media organizations.

I used to see19  celebs20’  all the time21, but it never really occurred to me22 that I could make money off of taking photos of them. And now I know I can. I do. So…” He says most people23 like seeing pictures of famous people.

“What they don’t like is how they perceive24 that you get25 the photos. It’s a guilty pleasure26 of everybody in the world.”

One Saturday morning, Giles Harrison was looking a new photo of someone famous -- someone like singer Britney Spears. “Is she there?” “No. Is she even in town?” “I think she’s in town.”

Mr. Harrison and his team are always looking for27 Hollywood stars. “That is Robert Redford…getting in the car28.” He says taking pictures of famous people lets him follow his dream of being29 a reporter and adding30 a little excitement31 to his life.  “I’ve hung32 out of helicopters. I’ve hung out of airplanes. I’ve done a lot of crazy things33 to get a shot34.”

He employs35 more than 30 other papparazzi around the world. “You sure you’re sitting at the right house, because apparently36 she got burgled37 yesterday.” “I’m sitting at the right house.”

Giles Harrison likes to look for celebrities when he drives38 around Los Angeles. He does not like to wait near39 the home of a famous person. David Faustino has been an actor since40 he was a boy. He is best known for41 his work in the television series “Married42 With Children43.”

David Faustino has been a target44 of photographers. He does not like them, but he knows he cannot escape45 them. He says at least46 they do not follow him like they do other celebrities.

“They’re a necessary evil47. I don’t mind48 them. I’ve been dealing with49 them since I was a little kid on ‘Married With Children.’ And, you know, it gets a little crazy. I also don’t have them chasing me around like, say, I don’t know, Justin Bieber. It’s all good. We’re in Hollywood.”

Michael Burgeno is not a Hollywood actor. But he does like to read news about50 celebrities and watch videos online. He believes it is wrong51 for the paparazzi to photograph celebrities when they are with their children.

“If they, if they’re with their family -- yes, I think it should be52, you know, that line right there, where they shouldn’t53 kind of try to interact with them yet.” Giles Harrison says he understands this concern54. But he says many famous people cannot demand55 privacy and, at the same time56, seek57 publicity.

“When you have people like the Kardashians doing photo shoots58 with their children, and, you know, selling access59 to magazines. Once60 they open that door you just can’t switch it off61.”


  1. Wherever there are = onde houver
  2. photographers  = fotógrafos
  3. chase = perseguem
  4. effort = esforço
  5. take their picture = tirar fotos deles
  6. video recordings = gravações em video
  7. can be worth a lot of money = podem valer muito dinheiro
  8. sometimes = as vezes
  9. outside = do lado de fora
  10. follow = seguem
  11. go for a walk = vão caminhar
  12. even = até mesmo
  13. fight among themselves = lutam entre si mesmos
  14. are often found  = são frequentemente encontradas
  15. newspapers and magazines = jornais e revistas
  16. owns = possui, é dono de
  17. business = negócio
  18. all kinds of = todos os tipos de
  19. I used to see = eu costumava ver
  20. celebs = celebridades
  21. all the time = o tempo todo
  22. never really occurred to me = nunca realmente me ocorreu
  23. most people = a maioria das pessoas
  24. perceive = percebem
  25. get = obtem
  26. guilty pleasure = "prazer culpado"
  27. are always looking for = estão sempre procurando
  28. getting in the car = entrando no carro
  29. dream of being = sonho de ser
  30. adding = acrescentar
  31. excitement = empolgação
  32. hung = pendurado
  33. I’ve done a lot of crazy things = eu tenho feito muitas coisas malucas
  34. get a shot = tirar uma foto
  35. employs = emprega
  36. apparently = aparentemente
  37. got burgled = foi assaltado(a)
  38. drives = dirige
  39. wait near = esperar perto de
  40. since = desde
  41. known for = conhecido por
  42. Married = casado
  43. Children = filhos, crianças
  44. has been a target = tem sido um alvo
  45. cannot escape = não consegue escapar
  46. at least = pelo menos
  47. necessary evil = mal necessário
  48. mind = importar-se
  49. dealing with = lidando com
  50. read news about = ler noticias sobre
  51. wrong = errado
  52. it should be = deveria ser
  53. shouldn’t = não deveria
  54. concern = preocupação
  55. demand = exigir
  56. at the same time = ao mesmo tempo
  57. seek = buscar
  58. photo shoots = sessões de fotos
  59. selling access = vendendo acessos
  60. Once = uma vez que
  61. you just can’t switch it off = voce simplesmente não pode desliga-lo