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77. Robin Williams

Welcome to American Mosaic from VOA Learning English. I’m Caty Weaver.
People around the world were shocked1 and saddened2 by the death3 of entertainer4 Robin Williams. Many of you commented on the Learning English website. Several of you said5 you had learned6 from his movies and other work.

So, today we listen to some famous Robin Williams movie lines7 that can help teach English. "Dead Poets Society8". A good place to start is “Dead Poets Society,” a 1989 film in which9 language is central. Robin Williams plays10 a professor of English at a respected private11 boys’ school in the northeastern12 United States. He teaches his students about poetry13, prose14 and life.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may"15. The Latin term for that sentiment is carpe diem.”
In this part of the movie, he is teaching the boys about a poem hundreds of years old16. The first line is “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.” The teacher tells the students what the poet is saying.
“Carpe diem. Seize the day17, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Carpe diem means18 to seize the day in Latin. In other words19, act now when you can. “No time like the present” is another way20 Americans sometimes21 express this thought22. It means do not wait for a future you might not have23.

“Mrs. Doubtfire” was another very popular Robin Williams movie. It was released24 in 1993. In it, Mr. Williams plays a man who separates from his wife and misses25 his children.
He dresses as a woman26 to hide27 his identity so his wife28 will employ29 him as a nanny30 -- someone who takes care of children31. That way, he gets to see32 his children every day. Here, Robin Williams, as Mrs. Doubtfire, explains33 what is important about family.

“But if there’s love34, dear35, those are the ties that bind36 and you’ll have a family in your heart forever.” Mrs. Doubtfire is saying that love keeps people together37 emotionally even if38 they are separated physically. The “ties that bind” are good in this case. “Ties that bind” could also be undesirable39. They could be restrictive.

"Aladdin" - Robin Williams acted in more than 70 movies. “Aladdin” was one of the most successful40. But you could only hear41 him in the movie. That is because he played the voice42 of the Genie in the animated Disney film. A genie is a creature with magical powers. Robin Williams as the Genie sings to the boy Aladdin.

The song “Friend Like Me” explains that Aladdin now controls how the Genie uses his magic.
One part says “Yes sir, we pride ourselves43 on service.” That is another way of saying44 “we do great work.” You can “pride” yourself on any45 activity. For example, a good bike rider46 might say, “I pride myself on cycling.”

Other terms in the song include “you’re the boss47,” “in your corner48,” and “you’ve never had49 a friend like me.” What do you think these mean? You can post your answers below50.
We leave you with51 Robin Williams performing52 “Friend Like Me.”


  1. were shocked = ficaram chocados(as)
  2. saddened = entristecido(a)
  3. death = morte
  4. entertainer = comediante
  5. Several of you said = varios de vocês disseram
  6. had learned = tinham aprendido
  7. movie lines = falas de filmes
  8. Dead Poets Society = sociedade dos poetas mortos
  9. in which = no qual
  10. plays = representa
  11. private = particular
  12. northeastern = região nordeste
  13. poetry = poesia
  14. prose = prosa
  15. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" = "Colha seus botões de rosa enquanto podes"
  16. hundreds of years old = com centenas de anos de idade
  17. Seize the day = aproveite o dia
  18. means = significa
  19. In other words = em outras palavras
  20. another way = uma outra forma
  21. sometimes = as vezes
  22. thought = pensamento
  23. might not have = pode não ter
  24. released = lançado
  25. misses = sente falta (saudades) de
  26. He dresses as a woman = ele se veste como uma mulher
  27. hide = esconder
  28. wife = esposa
  29. employ = empregar
  30. nanny = babá
  31. takes care of children = cuida de crianças
  32. gets to see = consegue ver
  33. explains = explica
  34. if there’s love = se houver amor
  35. dear = querido(a)
  36. ties that bind = laços que unem
  37. keeps people together = mantém as pessoas juntas
  38. even if = mesmo se
  39. could also be undesirable = poderia também ser indesejável
  40. was one of the most successful = foi um dos mais bem sucedidos
  41. hear = ouvir
  42. played the voice = interpretou a voz
  43. pride ourselves = orgulhamo-nos
  44. another way of saying = uma outra forma de dizer
  45. any = qualquer
  46. bike rider = ciclista
  47. boss = patrão
  48. corner = canto
  49. you’ve never had = voce nunca teve um amigo como eu
  50. below = abaixo
  51. leave you with = deixamos voces com
  52. performing = apresentando