terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013

10. Recovery dorms

Some universities are offering1 separate housing2 and help to students recovering from alcoholism3 and drug abuse. Rutgers University in New Jersey became4 the first American institution to offer5 such6 housing in 1988.

Thirty-eight students live7 in the Recovery8 House dormitory at Rutgers. Gregory says his abuse included illegal drugs9, alcohol10 and medicines11 only available12 under13 doctors' orders.

"Klonopin, Xanax, alcohol, marijuana14 and all these were on a daily basis15. It escalated to the point where I really16 couldn't focus on17 my schoolwork18." Gregory left19 another school and sought help20 at a treatment center21.

He then asked for22 admission to Rutgers. "These are friends also23 that I can talk to about some, some really personal issues24 that are going on25 with my life.

And previously26, you know, my friendships27, especially while28 I was using, were friendships based off of29 'let's get high together30.'" Lisa Laitman founded31 Rutgers' Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program. She says recovering students32 help the newest arrivals33.

"The new person's going to, sort of34, breathe a sigh35 of relief36 and say 'I'm not alone37.' You know, 'I'm not the only one who38 does39 these crazy things40.'"

The students must agree41 not to use drugs. They must attend two meetings a  week42  to talk about their problems. Cathy says she had lost43 her daughter44 to the drug heroin. She credits45 Recovery House for getting her back45. "

They do barbecues47. They go and see hockey games. They have, you know, walking48 activities, cycling49 activities. So this thing is going on which they do together as a family, team50, whatever you want to call it51." Without support52, recovering students could return53 to drugs and alcohol.

Rutgers says many former members54 of the program have completed their studies, enjoyed successful careers55 and had meaningful56 lives. I'm Faith Lapidus.


1. Offering = oferecendo
2. Housing = moradia
3. recovering from alcoholism  = recuperando-se de alcoolismo
4. became = tornou-se
5. offer = oferecer
6. such = tal
7. live = moram
8. Recovery = recuperação
9. illegal drugs = drogas ilegais
10. alcohol = álcool
11. medicines = medicamentos
12. available = disponível
13. under = sob
14. marijuana = maconha
15. on a daily basis = diariamente
16. really = realmente
17. couldn't focus on = não conseguia concentrar-se
18. schoolwork = trabalhos da escolar
19. left = deixou
20. sought help = buscou ajuda
21. treatment center = centro de tratamento
22. asked for = solicitou
23. also = também
24. personal issues = questões pessoais
25. going on = acontecendo
26. previously = previamente
27. friendship = amizade
28. while = enquanto
29. based off of = baseado for a de
30. 'let's get high together = vamos ficar “altos” juntos
31. Founded = fundou
32. recovering students = alunos em recuperação
33. the newest arrivals = os recém chegados
34. sort of = como que, tipo
35. breathe a sigh = “dar um suspiro”
36. relief = alívio
37. alone = sozinho
38. the only one who = o único que
39. does = faz
40. crazy things = coisas malucas
41. must agree = devem concordar
42. must attend two meetings = devem assistir duas reuniões por semana
43. had lost = tinha perdido
44. daughter = filha
45. credits = da os créditos
46. for getting her back = por trazê-la de volta
47. barbecues = churrascos
48. walking = caminhada
49. cycling = ciclismo
50. team = equipe
51. whatever you want to call it = Do que quer que voce queira chamar isso
52. Without support = sem apoio
53. could return = poderiam retornar
54. former members = ex membros
55. enjoyed successful careers = desfrutaram de carreiras bem sucedidas
56. meaningful = significativo