quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013

42. Orlando Rollercoaster stuck

Passengers1 on this roller coaster2 got the ride of their lives3 when it got stuck4 for nearly5 three hours. Three children were among6 those left stranded7 when the Hollywood "Rip Ride Rocket" malfunctioned8 at the Universal Theme Park9 in Orlando.

They were stuck in a vertical position looking up10 to the sky. As11 they may have wondered12 how long they would be there13, theme park staff14 said they were doing “everything15 they could16 to make the guests17 comfortable.” How comfortable you can be stuck on a ride18 that reaches19 17 storeys high20 and speeds of a 105 kilometres per hour, we can only wonder!
Firefighters21 managed to rescue22 them all, though23, and one person was taken24 to hospital for neck pain25.
This ride has suffered26 problems in the past.
A passenger suffered minor injuries27 when the car she was in suddenly28 stopped.
Reports say a computer glitch29 caused the ride to suddenly stop this time when it went into safety mode30. The attraction has been closed until31 safety inspections have been completed.


1. Passengers = passageiros
2. roller coaster = montanha russa
3. got the ride of their lives = tiveram o passeio de suas vidas
4. got stuck = ficou preso, emperrado
5. nearly = quase
6. among = entre
7. left stranded  = abandonados
8. malfunctioned = teve mal funcionamento
9. Theme Park = parque temático
10. looking up = olhando para cima
11. As = enquanto
12. may have wondered  = pode ter se perguntado
13. how long they would be there = quanto tempo eles ficariam ali
14. staff = equipe
15. everything = tudo
16. could = podiam
17. guests = convidados
18. ride = brinquedo de parque de diversões
19. reaches = atinge, alcança
20. 17 storeys high  = 17 andares de altura
21. Firefighters = bombeiros
22. managed to rescue = conseguiram resgatar
23. though = no entanto
24. taken  = levado(a)
25. neck pain = dor no pescoço
26. suffered = sofreu
27. minor injuries = ferimentos de menor gravidade
28. suddenly = repentinamente
29. glitch = falha
30. went into safety mode = foi para o modo de segurança
31. until = até