quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013

42. Shark attacks

Being attacked by a shark1 is fairly rare2. Being bitten twice3 is very rare, which will come as little comfort to Australian shellfish4 diver5 Greg Pickering, recovering6 in hospital after an encounter7 with a great white8 off9 remote Cape Arid on the south coast of Western Australia, flown10 to Perth for emergency surgery11 with injuries12 to his head, back13 and shoulder14.

This was Greg after the first attack in 2004. “When the shark15 grabbed16 me it just17 sort of18 struck bone19. I felt20 the teeth21 go right into22 the bone.” Little thinking23 it would happen again24: “One incident has happened in 34 years as I say that is very small odds25.”

Western Australia’s Department of Fisheries26 said a catch and kill order27 had been issued28 for the shark. Its director general29 is Stuart Smith.

“If a sizeable30 white shark is caught31 in the waters over the coming hours32 from the evidence I have available33 to me, at the moment, I am likely34 to give the order to destroy35 that shark.”
Greg’s condition is described as36 a serious but stable37.


1. Being attacked by a shark  = ser atacado por um tubarão
2. fairly rare = bastante raro
3. Being bitten twice = ser mordido duas vezes
4. shellfish = marisco
5. diver = mergulhador
6. recovering = recuperando-se
7. encounter = encontro
8. great white = grande branco (tubarão)
9. off = ao largo de
10. flown = levado de avião
11. surgery = cirurgia
12. injuries = ferimentos
13. back = costas
14. shoulder = ombro
15. shark = tubarão
16. grabbed = agarrou
17. just = simplesmente
18. sort of = tipo que, como que
19. struck bone = atingiu o osso
20. felt = senti
21. teeth = dentes
22. go right into = ir direto para
23. thinking = pensamento
24. it would happen again = aconteceria novamente
25. small odds = chances pequenas
26. Fisheries = pescas
27. catch and kill order = ordem de captura e morte
28. had been issued = tinha sido emitida
29. director general = diretor geral
30. sizeable = considerável
31. caught = apanhado
32. over the coming hours = no decorrer das próximas horas
33. available = disponivel
34. likely = provavel
35. destroy = destruir
36. described as = descrita como
37. stable = estável