segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

04. A Pakistani Chef in New York

Few women1 become2 top chefs3 in New York City. But Fatima Ali has done so. She is the assistant chef at Café Centro. She may be4 the only5 non-American6 female7 chef at any of 70 top New York restaurants.

Ms. Ali grew up8 in Pakistan. She says her training9 in America has taught10 her a lot about food. FATIMA ALI: "There's11 so many things12 that I have been exposed to13 in the U.S. that I may not have14 been exposed to in Pakistan, like15 the plethora of16 ingredients that are available17 here.

But it's been really interesting18, taking what I have learned19 in America and then whenever I go back home20 to visit, and cooking for my family and friends with the ingredients that I love from there."
In July, Fatima Ali competed with21 other chefs on the Food Network TV22 show "Chopped"23. She won24 the top prize25 of $10,000. 

FATIMA ALI: "The fact that I won, I suppose26 was such wonderful27 validation, for all28, like, the sacrifices that my family has made, that I have made, to put myself through school29, and to be away from30 home for so long31.

It felt like32 it was all really worth it33. And the biggest thing34 for me was to inspire other young Pakistani girls to follow35 their dreams." Jan Hoffmann is the executive chef at Café Centro. JAN HOFFMANN: "She has great potential, and I give her another two to three years, and she definitely will be a master chef."

Fatima Ali hopes36 to return to Pakistan to create services where poor families enjoy37 low-cost38, healthy39 meals40, and where young people can learn cooking41 and other job skills42. I'm Barbara


1.  Few women = poucas mulheres
2.  Become = tornam-se
3.  top chefs = Chefes de cozinha de primeira linha
4.  may be = pode ser
5.  only = único(a)
6.  non-American = não americana
7.  female = do sexo feminino
8.  grew up = cresceu
9.  training = treinamento
10.  has taught = tem ensinado
11.  There's = há
12.  so many things = tantas coisas
13.  that I have been exposed to = às quais eu tenho sido exposta
14.  May not have = posso não ter
15.  Like = como
16.  plethora of = abundância de
17.  available = disponível
18.  it's been really interesting = tem sido realmente interessante
19.  what I have learned = o que eu tenho aprendido
20.  whenever I go back home = sempre que eu volto pra casa
21.  competed with = competiu com
22.  Network TV = Rede de televisão
23.  Chopped = picado
24.  Won = ganhou
25.  top prize = prêmio máximo
26.  suppose = suponho
27.  such wonderful = tão maravilhoso(a)
28.  for all = por tudo
29.  put myself through school = eu mesma terminar a escola
30.  to be away from = ficar longe de
31.  so long = tanto tempo
32.  It felt like = parecia que
33.  it was all really worth it = tudo valeu a pena
34.  thing = coisa
35.  follow = seguir
36.  hopes = espera (esperança)
37.  enjoy = desfrutar de
38.  low-cost = de baixo custo
39.  healthy = saudável
40.  meals = refeições
41.  learn cooking = aprender a cozinhar
42.  skills = habilidades